Loreto College Alumnae Association

The Loreto College Alumnae Association was formally registered as a Society in January, 2000. While one of its main objectives is to disseminate the basic ideals of a Loreto education and encourage community work, the association strives to assist its Alma Mater in various ways. Over the past years, LCAA has donated prizes to encourage meritorious scholars, granted scholarships and stipends to deserving yet needy students in the college, made donations for books and medicines to other Loreto schools and contributed to the college Roof Fund.

In 2001, the Association organized a seminar - "Women and the Media." This evoked an enthusiastic response and was attended by members of the academic community from various city colleges. A panel discussion was organized as part of the proceedings and the panelists consisted of past pupils who have become eminent media personalities or well known academics. The annual Reunion held every February is a much-anticipated event. Besides renewing old college acquaintances, it cultivates a feeling of fellowship among the Alumnae members and keeps them in touch with their Alma Mater. Alumnae members are also invited to attend the College Open Day held each December where they can interact with the current students and further strengthen the bonds within the Loreto sorority.