Medical Assistance and Counselling

Medical Assistance:

The College has a nurse on duty in the infirmary. The nurse is available through College hours on all working days. The College also has doctors on call in case of any medical emergency.
Doctors associated with the College are- Dr. Gouri Kumra and Dr. Fuad Halim


Personal Counselling is an integral part of the College curriculum. Two designated counsellors are available for the students and faculty, and conduct regular sessions with them. The College also enlists the support of Doctors who are available on call for emergencies and a nurse who is stationed on campus

Career Counselling is also provided by the College. The students are exposed to various career options - academic or otherwise. Through lectures and short term courses students are groomed for interviews and group discussions.

Academic Counselling is provided for all students within their departments, at every stage of their progression while in College.

Counsellors- Mrs. Jyotsna Mittal, Mrs. Ranjana Das

To schedule a session with the Counsellor please contact your Class Representative for details