College Publications

Sl No Department Title Editor Publisher ISBN Year  
1 English The Loreto Institution and Higher Education:Centenary Essays Mridula Kapoor Levant Books, Kolkata in association with Loreto College 978-93-91741-39-6 2022 View
2 Education Education… Gleanings The Staff of Loreto College Dept. of Education, Loreto College 81-85861-61-1 2022 View
3 English Feminist Consciousness and Its Literary Manifestations Sanghita Sanyal and Sonal Kapur Loreto College and The Bhawanipur Education Society College 81-85861-63-3 2021 View
4 Geography Landscapes on the Edge: Risks, Resillience & Restoration Dr. Sushma Sahai Authors Press, New Delhi ISBN 978-93-90155-66-8 2020 View
5 English The Poetry Forum Vol.VII Dept. of English Loreto College 2020 View
6 English Critical Imprints VIII Dr. Sumita Banerjee and Ms. Sulagna Chattopadhyay Dept. of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2020 View
7 Psychology Psychopathology and Psychotherapy: A Review of Causes, Consequences and Curative Measures Dr. Dinaz R. Jeejeebhoy, Dr. Sayantani Chatterjee, Dr. Jhelum Podder, Dr. Saoni Banerjee, Ms. Shankhabela Mukherjee, Dr. (Sr.) Claire MacFarland Levant Books, Kolkata in association with Loreto College ISBN 978-93-88069-40-3 2020 View
8 English Critical Imprints VI Sanghita Sanyal, ed. Dept. of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2019 View
9 English Critical Imprints VII Dr. Subhasree Basu,ed. Dept. of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2019 View
10 English The Poetry Forum Vol.VI Dept. of English Loreto College 2018 View
11 History Rethinking the Renaissance Anuradha Chatterji, Dr. Suparna Ghosh and Srijita Chakravarty Loreto College 81-85861-59-52 2017 View
12 Psychology Socialisation and Psychopathology Dr. Sayantani Chatterjee, Dr. Dinaz R. Jeejeebhoy, Jhelum Podder, Saoni Banerjee and Dr. (Sr.) Claire MacFarland Loreto College 81-85861-60-9 2017 View
13 English Critical Imprints V Dr. Sukanya Dasgupta, ed. Dept. of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2017 View
14 Education Perception and Portrayal of Women With Disabilities Dr. Ranjita Dawn Authors Press, New Delhi 9789386722768 2017 View
15 English The Poetry Forum Vol.V Dept. of English Loreto College 2016 View
16 English Critical Imprints IV Mangala Gauri Chakraborty, ed. Dept. of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2016 View
17 Economics Public Policies For Inclusive Development Dr. Suranjana Mitra,ed. Levant Books, Kolkata Co-published by Dept. of Economics, Loreto College 9789384106546 2016 View
18 English Critical Imprints III Dr. Aditi Das Gupta Dept.Of English, Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2015 View
19 English The Poetry Forum Vol.IV Dept. of English Loreto College 2015 View
20 English Change and Continuity Dr. Aditi Das Gupta Salesian College 9789382216100 2015 View
21 English Critical Imprints II Dr. Sumita Banerjee Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2014 View
22 English The Poetry Forum Vol.III Dept. of English Loreto College 2014 View
23 English Aspects of Modernity Dr . Sukanya Dasgupta Jadavpur University Press 9788192752594 2014 View
24 B.Ed. Challenges and Opportunities in Education Dr.Debika Guha Dept. of B.Ed., L C and Levant Books 9789384106034 2014 View
25 Political Science Indian Ocean: Geopolitical & Geostrategic Dimensions Sayoni Chaudhuri Loreto College and World View 9788190459839 2014 View
26 Education Dynamics of Values Dr. Ranjana Banerjee, Dr.Neeta Dang, Dr.Debika Guha L.C. and Levant Books 9789380663791 2013 View
27 Human Rights Human Rights: Striving towards an Inclusive and Vibrant Democracy Debolina Sarkar L.C. and Levant Books 9789380663821 2013 View
28 English Jonson and Milton Ahmer Nadeem Anwer Dept.Of English, Loreto College 9789380663722 2013 View
29 English Critical Imprints I Dr. Mridula Kapoor Loreto College ISSN-2319-4774 2012 View
30 English The Poetry Forum Vol.II Dept. Of English Loreto College 2012 View
31 English On the Frontline Dr.Mridula Kapoor Levant Books 9789380663289 2011 View
32 Psychology Bridging the gap Kalakriti Dr. Rajkumari Basu Loreto College 2011 View
33 English The Word and the World Dr. Sukanya Dasgupta and Mangala Gauri Chakraborty Loreto College 8185861366 2009 View
34 English Twisted Forevers Dr. Sumita Banerjee Loreto College 2009 View
35 Political Science Indian Democracy: Problems and Prospects Edited by Sharmila Mitra Deb and M.Manisha Anthem Press, New Delhi 9788190757096 2009 View
36 Education Recent Trends in Education Dr. Ranjana Banerjee Loreto College 2008 View
37 English The Poetry Forum Dept. of English Loreto College 2007 View
38 History Contesting Colonialism Tapati Sengupta and Shreela Roy Macmillan India Ltd. 1403931984 2007 View
39 English Cross- Currents in the Modern Short Story Sucheta Mukherji and Dr. Aditi Das Gupta Loreto College 8188627054 2005 View