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Students having their eye on the exciting realm of an overseas education find the financial aspect a formidable challenge that either makes or breaks their dreams.

Scholarships play a pivotal role in bridging the gap and transforming their dreams into reality.

The eligibility criteria vary for different universities. A large percentage focuses on academic merit only while others emphasize leadership skills and extracurricular activities or a combination of various factors. Hence, it is important to align your application with your achievements and goals.

1. Academic Merit: Maintaining a high GPA is mandatory for being considered for a good scholarship. Consistent academic excellence enhances your chances and opens doors for various opportunities.

2. Resume and Portfolio: A comprehensive resume highlighting your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities, community service, etc. serves as a snapshot of your accomplishments and capabilities. Portfolios are required for certain subjects to highlight your unique talents and skills that can set you apart from other applicants.

3. Prepare for Interviews: Some universities prefer to interview their students and question them about why they should be considered for the scholarship. It is imperative to familiarize yourself with the university, the career outcomes, and how you are set apart from the rest with your abilities. The process of preparing for scholarship interviews is strategic, requiring in-depth research and rigorous practice and serving as an authentic expression of your aspirations.

4. Language Proficiency: If the scholarship application requires English proficiency, it is important that you meet the requirements. Universities emphasize English proficiency so that imparting academic knowledge can be seamless without any language barriers.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach


This is a debatable topic when it comes to evaluating which one is of greater importance. First let us understand what hard skills and soft skills are! Hard skills are anything that you have learned through education or hands-on experience, such as proficiency in a foreign language, machine operation, computer programming, bookkeeping, data mining, and typing speed. Soft skills enable a person to interact with others in an efficacious and harmonious way using speech, emotional intelligence, and creativity.

Recent years have seen a surge in Artificial Intelligence with the potential ability to override humans in every way. Everything on earth is progressing towards AI, which over the years has made many occupations extinct. As time goes on, science and technology will reach newer heights, leading to increased competition within faculties. In such a context, soft skills will emerge as winners as they exist inside a person and cannot be outsourced to AI. Human abilities such as problem solving, confidence, critical thinking, communication, integrity, adaptability, creativity, or even kindness cannot be replicated by AI. In addition, soft skills are transferable to different positions, companies, or industries, whereas hard skills are often specific to a particular job or industry and may not be applicable elsewhere.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach


Students should be aware of gap years and how they can affect the journey on to higher education. The most common question is: how long a gap is accepted?

Once you understand what is defined as a gap, you will be able to work around it. A gap is a dedicated period during which you take a break from academics or a job to pursue growth through experiences.

To summarize it, a gap year is seen as a chance to be in complete control of your schedule and to invest your time in experiences that drive you. Almost all of you have been grinding through fifteen years of school and graduation. Taking an intentional break can help prevent fatigue and rejuvenate the inspiration required to succeed.

Gap years often involve extensive travel, internships, volunteering, and full-time employment. Severe medical emergencies can also be a legitimate reason for a gap in your academics or work.

This is just a break from the ordinary that should not stop you from working towards the future.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach


Reports from various universities have marked an upward trend of students from India pursuing their Higher Education abroad post pandemic. Those who have crossed shores have found that the time spent overseas has helped them with various opportunities and career growth and employability.

Funding their higher education abroad has been the deciding factor for many students and families. Scholarships and loans to study overseas provide financial support to students.

There are many different types of scholarships available through universities. The most popular ones are the Excellence Scholarship for students who have meritorious profiles, and International Student Scholarship for certain regions of the world. These could range from anything between 10% to 30% of the tuition fees and are available for both Undergraduate and Postgraduate Degrees.

Placing applications early to bag a scholarship is important as there is stiff competition across the globe. Universities receive approximately over seventy thousand applications per year for a single course with a limited number of scholarships to offer.

Loans are provided by the banks and come in two forms, namely with and without collaterals. An offer letter from the university is a mandatory document to apply for a loan. Education loans are also a great way to claim the interest portion of the loan for tax deductions under Section 80E of the Income Tax Act.

Many families support the idea of an education loan as they see it as a great opportunity for their wards to build their credit history while repaying their loan. A good credit profile will help with cheaper loans in the future.

As an overseas education consultant, I would suggest that you allow us to help you with the correct information to map out your financial plan.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach


Rank does not confer privilege or give power. It imposes responsibility. ~ Peter Drucker.

Students who look towards Higher Education abroad are on the lookout for the best universities. How does one gauge which one is good? Is there a way to find out? Yes! There is a way.

There are many Ranking systems available, like THE, QS, Shanghai Rankings, to the Private University Rankings – ASEAN, Studocu’s World University Ranking, Webometrics, and the Round University Rankings, to name a few. The ranking system promotes healthy competition as universities compete with each other to move up in the rankings.

The Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings are popular with students looking for a comprehensive guide. Every year the QS ranks over a thousand universities across the globe based on various criteria like academic reputation, government initiatives in promoting and improving quality, employer reputation, and research impact.

Students who eye the Top 20 Universities are usually from the high-performance bracket with consistent top grades, a holistic profile, and an eye towards research. Universities in USA, UK, Switzerland, Singapore, China, and Australia make up the Top 20. Massachusetts Institute of Technology continues to hold the coveted position of No.1 for twelve years, with the University of Cambridge in second place. Australia’s top two Universities in Sydney and Melbourne have climbed into the World’s Top 20. The University of Sydney and University of New South Wales climbed more than 20 places each to achieve joint 19th place, while the University of Melbourne jumped from the 33rd to the 14th spot. The Times of India (25 July) reported a huge increase in the number of Indian students heading to Australia in 2023.

Singapore remains in the Top 10, with the National University of Singapore in eighth place. Singapore is a high-selling destination for Indian students looking for Postgraduation courses due to its geographical proximity, cheaper cost of study, high visa success rate of 93%, and programs taught in English.

The PIE News states that QS Rankings are based on analysis of more than 17.5 million academic papers and insights from over 240,000 academics and employers. The reliable data has helped change the lives of students while selecting their universities abroad.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach


This is the perfect time for those looking to study overseas to place their applications for the early 2024 intake. The main reasons for students to pursue their higher education overseas are the education system, tuition fees, project-based curriculum that offers a wide choice of specializations, research opportunities, and employability after graduation.

Choosing the best country or course has always been a complicated process, especially when there are too many options on the internet. The largest obstacle between you and your ideal study programme abroad in most cases is the lack of correct information!

Here are the most important criteria to consider when choosing your future university to study abroad:
a) Select your desired discipline.
b) Target the correct intake for the program.
c) Decide the country where you want to study.
d) Check the rank of the university or the course.
e) Map out a financial plan.
f) Meet the entry criteria for the program.
g) Apply to universities (not more than 5).
h) Accept an offer from a preferred university.
i) Sort out visa, accommodation, and flight.

When students are armed with the correct information and documentation, the rest is a cake walk!

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach

My experience about Australia (July 2023)

Last year, this month I was on an education Familiarization Trip to Australia where I had experienced the amazing education and training providers and participated in various networking events. The familiarization trip is crucial for my job role as a Counselor as it provides me with first hand experience and understanding to help me during counseling. Here is a little insight to what I have gathered.

Australia maintains a high-quality academic framework with over a thousand institutions and more than 20,000 courses that are tailored for international students that guarantee students to be 'job ready'. The Government is exponentially involved in the education system, while making sure that the subjects that are taught adds value to the industry.

The 2032 Olympics will be held in Australia and believe me when I say that every financial sector in every city is buzzing with the drive to welcome people around the world. The market has grown and so have opportunities. The enormity of being the host country is indescribable because the entire country is working collectively towards a grand success. Students who are already there and are on the way to Australia in the next few years will experience this thrilling vibe and create their success story!

Students from all disciplines will find equal opportunities in interdisciplinary careers as there is a rise in demand in sectors of tourism, hospitality, law, media. communications, environmental conservation, analysts, management, creative arts, health and education.

Through the networking events in Australia I have experienced proof of it being a growing economy that outshines in global rankings. The opportunities everyone receives are endless !

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach

Find yourself in Aotearoa ! (June 2023)

International students are always on the watch for the best countries for overseas education. Despite the endless possibilities available there are a handful of countries who get the lion's share of international student enrollments. Apart from Australia there has been a significant rise in the number of students heading towards New Zealand in the past few years. It is one of the most unique countries with sweeping landscapes and pristine wilderness. Did you know that Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand?

New Zealand's education system is fantastic and their degrees are well recognized worldwide with all the eight universities being in the top list of 3% in the world. Some of their Post Graduate degrees are of a shorter duration which appeals to many Indian students.

Students are loving New Zealand because of its safe and friendly environment with excellent food and wine. Due to Its low crime rate students find it easier to live and work without added pressure.

New Zealand promises a great Adventure.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach

Networking is the Master Key ! (May 2023)

It is important to give equal importance to a strong network rather than just concentrating on doing your own research. Researching is good and you can only rely on yourself to come up with solutions. However networking brings with it a wealth of knowledge and points you in directions you might not have otherwise considered. I see it like this, networking is the art of making new friends and acquaintances to help you grow in both career and personal life.

Those on the verge of completion of the Bachelors degree would have questioned themselves at least once, 'What next?'. Those of you still in your early years in College would arrive at the threshold soon and it is never too late to be prepared, so if you start small and start now you will be way ahead than your peers.

I would say that networking would help build multiple paths towards strong industry connections to get ahead in one's career, you would get new ideas and fresh perspectives, learn about new job opportunities, get to know about latest marketing trends and developments. Linkedin is one of the best ways to build a strong network virtually. Let this not stop you from networking at a more personal level, like forming strong bonds with friends, colleagues and partners as you grow in your career. These associations will come of huge help to you along the way.

In my capacity as an Overseas Education Counselor, I keep reiterating to my students, to build a diverse network, seek mentors and when the time comes pay it forward and try to be that person for someone else. The reward is huge, believe me!

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach

Change from a Goal mindset to a Growth mindset - (April 2023)

Opportunities come in many forms and it is important to ask yourself how far you can go rather than how long will it take? Growth allows you to expand yourself and you notice that you have come a long way than when you first started. Everyone is destined to a different path with the only common factor being the struggles and challenges to get to your goal. How you perceive these obstacles along with actions, culminates in bringing about small victories. I shifted from a two decade stint in the travel industry to the overseas education sector where I found new opportunities to learn and grow in the industry and the journey has been incredibly rewarding. What I have learnt from many of my life's experiences is to never say no to at least hearing about an opportunity. There is a purpose when something comes your way and that my friend would help you level up.

Cecilia Shiu
Sr.Counselor, Global Reach