Students’ Welfare & Grievance Redressal Cell

The Loreto College Students’ Welfare Committee acts as a platform of interaction between students, teachers and the college administration. The Committee was established to facilitate a healthy and safe environment for students of the College. In acknowledgement of the fact that a cosmopolitan environment offers its own challenges that may involve individual students, group of students or the administration, the Committee seeks to address issues with regard to the behaviour or the decisions of others. Therefore the Committee promotes timely and transparent resolution of issues/ suggestions in a confidential manner.

In addition to the existence of the Committee, the Principal interacts with the Student Council President and Vice President on a daily basis, and with the other Heads of Societies who are also part of the Student Council on a regular basis. Further a drop box is available for students who wish to maintain anonymity while registering their concerns.

Grievances are addressed to the Loreto College Students’ Welfare Committee through two designated methods:

- Through direct interaction with any member(s) of the Committee
- Through anonymous drop box method

Once a case is brought to the attention of the Committee by a student/students, the following steps are undertaken:

- Meeting the student/students who have grievances
- The student/students write their grievances in details
- Committee meets with other relevant persons if needed
- Solution is arrived at
- Solution is communicated to the student/students

In case of anonymous complaints through the drop box method, the committee resolves the issue through meetings which may involve other relevant persons.

- Sr. Christine Coutinho
- Mrs. Sharmila Mitra Deb
- Ms. Donna Chung
- Ms. Ingrid Rozario
- Student President
- Student Vice President